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Setup Commands

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Command Description
bank!info See all info

Usage: bank!info
bank!setup Automated Setup of Logging and Prefix

Usage: bank!setup
bank!setlang Set the guild language (Beta)

Usage: bank!setlang <French or English>
bank!setprefix Sets the guild prefix Ex. !ping

Usage bank!setprefix <prefix>
bank!setcurrency Sets the guild currency Ex. You earned 12 Biscuits

Usage: bank!setcurrency <currency name>
bank!setjoin Sets the join message Ex. Here

Usage: bank!setjoin <join message>
bank!setlog Set log channel or turn off logging using bank!setlog off

Usage: bank!setlog <#join channel>
bank!setleave Sets the leave message Ex. Here

Usage: bank!setleave <leave message>
bank!inviteblock Blocks invite links

Usage: bank!inviteblock
bank!lock Turns off bank!work and bank!daily to measure just user activity

Usage: bank!lock
bank!settings Shows the settings in the guild

Usage: bank!settings

Economy Commands

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bank!balance Shows the balance of you or a user

Usage: bank!balance <optional @user>
bank!work Work at the bank of BankBot to get some extra cash

Usage: bank!work
bank!bet To bet 50 currency

Usage: bank!bet
bank!leaderboard To see the guild leaderboard

Usage: bank!leaderboard
bank!steal Steal from another user

Usage: bank!steal <# 1-99 guess> <@user>
bank!transfer Transfer currency to other users

bank!transfer <Amount> <@user>
bank!leaderboard Show the top users of the server

Usage: bank!leaderboard
bank!buy Buy something from the shop or bank

Usage: bank!buy <Item>
bank!inventory Show all your items

Usage: bank!inventory
bank!bank View the bank and all the boosts you can buy

Usage: bank!bank
bank!shop View the guild shop and all the perks it offers

Usage: bank!shop
bank!create Create an item for the guild shop

Usage: bank!create
bank!delete Delete an item from the shop

Usage: bank!delete <Item>
bank!manage Change a user's balance

Usage: bank!manage <@user> +/-<amount>

Moderation Commands

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bank!warn Warn a member

Usage: bank!warn <@user> <reason>
bank!kick Kicks a member from the current guild

Usage: bank!kick <@user> <reason>
bank!ban Ban a member from the current guild

Usage: bank!ban <@user> <reason>
bank!mute Mute a user with the muted role

Usage: bank!mute <@user> <reason>
bank!unmute UnMute a user with the muted role

Usage: bank!unmute <@user> <reason>
bank!unban Unban a user by ID

Usage: bank!unban <user ID>
bank!purge Delete up to 100 messages

Usage: bank!purge <# 1-100>
bank!perms Check the permissions of a user

Usage: bank!perms <@user>
bank!announce Make an announcement

Usage: bank!announce <#channel> <message>

Fun Commands

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bank!8ball Ask Mr Bank a question

Usage: bank!8ball <question>
bank!dog See a random picture or gif of a dog

Usage: bank!dog
bank!shibe See a random picture or gif of a shibe

Usage: bank!shibe
bank!cat See a random picture or gif of a cat

Usage: bank!cat
bank!urban Ask the urban dictionary a question

Usage: bank!urban <search term>
bank!meme Get a random meme from reddit

Usage: bank!meme
bank!memesearch Get a random meme from a subreddit

Usage: bank!memesearch <subreddit name>
bank!weather Get the weather for a location

Usage: bank!weather <location>
bank!react React to a message

Usage: bank!react <:emoji:> <ID of message>
bank!montypython Random Monty Python quote

Usage: bank!montypython
bank!user Info on a user

Usage: bank!user <optional @user>
bank!guildinfo See info on the guild

Usage: bank!guildinfo
bank!google Google something

Usage: bank!google <search term>
bank!ship Ship two users

Usage: bank!ship <@user> <@user>